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Maureen McLaughlin, MS, CHC, CPA

Hello! Welcome to Mindbody Wellness. My name is Maureen. A little bit about my educational background is I hold a Masters of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with a specialization in Aromatherapy and Holistic nutrition. I am also a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Aromatherapist and Meditation Teacher. You can be confident that my educational background and personal lifestyle make me extremely knowledgeable in naturally managing imbalances of the body and mind. My foundation includes functional nutrition, stress management, meditation and plant medicine. All of my services are research evidence based and credible. 


I began my journey in Complementary and Alternative medicine out of the belief that people should be seen for their mind, body and spirit when it comes to wellness. We live in a world where the answer is often only a pill, forgetting about all of the other aspects that make you human. When people experience unexplained symptoms in the body such as chronic fatigue, eczema, pain and digestive issues, it is your body trying to voice to you that something is off balance whether that be nutrient related, stress hormone related or energetic blockage. We so often cover it up instead of thoroughly cleaning out the wound. 


From many years of wondering why the rate of chronic conditions are so high in the United States, I became curious to explore the root cause. The majority of chronic illness starts at the seed of inflammation. Acute inflammation is our body's response to protect itself and to fight off something that is abnormal, such as a cut or virus. When inflammation becomes chronic, there is a cell disruption that can build up,  progressively leading to malfunction- including in the brain. This shows up as cancer, type 2 diabetes, mood disorders, pain- and the list goes on. Two major causes of chronic inflammation are excessive stress and poor nutrition. This is where we have the deliberate choice to prevent or naturally repair. As conventional medicine is invaluably remarkable in trauma and serious acute cases, in chronic conditions it often puts a bandaid on the issue, covering up the root cause. Extensive research shows that conscious lifestyle choices through whole food and reducing stress have an unbelievable healing effect on the mind and body. If you utilize conventional medicine, that is completely ok. It is your choice, unique to your situation. The takeaway here is to develop skills and not only just taking pills. 


In my services, I work with clients who experience imbalances in the brain and body, considering the whole person. As an integrative wellness coach and holistic nutritionist candidate, I focus on the mental and physical component of eating with clients. Healthy weight loss is not done by obsessive calorie counting. It is done by understanding your cravings and why they happen as well as adding the right nutrients into the body that promote weight loss through quality food.  Through my aromatherapy work, I use essential oils to help people manage general and clinical ailments in the mind and body.



As a human being, I understand and empathize with all backgrounds and levels of knowledge. In all of my services offered, I work with you to uncover your capability to grow and learn. I truly believe that everyone is alive and has unlimited potential. My approach is to listen and  meet you where you are at without judgement. 


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