Aromatherapy Collection

This page consists of blends for general conditions. Blends for more specific ailments like skin disorders, wound healing, hair loss, infections etc, a consultation is recommended to consider medical history and safety. Personalized blends are created, tailoring to your individual needs. See Aromatherapy Consulting for more information.


As there are many brands out there, there are many that are adulterated, meaning they aren’t authentic and pure. Thus meaning you won’t get the desired therapeutic action like pain relief or anti bacterial. Maureen only uses 100% pure essential oils sourced from organic farmers so you get what you are looking for. All of the following blends created include a carrier oil, making essential oil use safe for the skin. Pure essential oils without dilution can be unsafe and irritating and should only be used in diffusers. Specific instructions will be sent with order. All blends will last 3-6 months.

Healing Products