Four Magical Herbs for Cooking, Tea and Supplements


Turmeric is considered the “golden” herb by herbalists because of it's power anti-inflammatory affects in cancer, auto immune disorders, eczema and so many other ailments. Turmeric grows in South East Asia and is commonly used in eastern cultures as medicine and prevention. The root is used to obtain the powder which can be found in health food stores or from herb shops. This amazing warm and spicy herb has powerful pain relieving affects, anti oxidant, astringent and carminative (anti-gas/bloating) properties. It is commonly used by herbalists for ulcers, digestive health, alzheimers, pain/inflammation and type 2 diabetes. Note that if you use turmeric in cooking or supplement form, always make sure black pepper is included as it better absorbs the active ingredient in turmeric (curcumin) by 2,000 percent. Turmeric can be purchased as a tea at some grocery stores or added in cooking.


Yes, the yellow dandelions that you see growing all over the place are one of the most nutritional and medicinal herbs there are. I don't recommend picking them up in random places for internal use unless you are certain they haven't been chemically treated. If you have your own source of dandelion flower, they are wonderful in a salad. If you don't feel like harvesting dandelions yourself, luckily you can buy the herb from a store in tea or supplement form. Dandelion contains 3 parts that all contain different properties. The flower, the leaf and the root. The root is the part that is used for cleansing the liver. The leaf promotes kidney filtration. Having a blend that includes dandelion root is very powerful for hormone balance, as our liver plays an important role in that process.


“If cacao were a pharmaceutical drug, it would have been hailed as the greatest medicine of all time and its discoverer would reap the nobel prize in medicine”- Chris Kilham

Most people consume chocolate because it tastes great, not knowing the wonderful benefits of it! Cacao trees first grew in Venezuela and spread over time throughout the amazon rainforest. Cacao and cocoa are very similar as they come from the same plant, however cocoa often has added sugar and dairy. Cacao is cardioprotective, neuroprotective and mood hormone regulating. This is actually the reason why women crave chocolate during times when their hormones are elevated, because cacao naturally balances it out. Cacao can be found in power form at most grocery stores and is wonderful to add into a smoothie. My daily breakfast is a smoothie with cacao inside!


This wonderful herb is commonly used in India and Africa and becoming more used by western herbalists as there has been extensive research on it's powerful affects in stress, anxiety and fatigue. The root, berries and leaves are normally used for their medicinal properties. Not only does this herb have an affinity with the nervous system, but it is also wonderful for immune support and for improving symptoms in those with degenerative diseases. Ashwagandha can be taken in supplement or tea form. If you take any current medications, it is important to consult with a doctor to ensure there are no harmful interactions.

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