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Integrative Lifestyle Coaching

Integrative lifestyle coaching is a complementary and alternative approach that uncovers mental, physical and spiritual imbalances in the body to the root. The focus is considering your relationship with nutrition, intuitive eating, and movement, which are the pillars to a holistic lifestyle. You will gain invaluable insight on how to feel and be more well in your life in a simple way. Valuable skills, no drastic changes. Just awareness on how to catalyze your body’s natural ability to prevent and repair. 

In coaching, I will help you to push through mental blocks, limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back from your wellness. You will learn how to clear your body and mind through food, breath and connection.

12 week program 

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Aromatherapy Consulting

Aromatherapy is a form of natural medicine used to support a plethora of ailments, alternatively or complementary. Essential oils are the most potent substance of plants that offer extensive medicinal properties beyond what people realize. Common reasons people seek aromatherapy support are to avoid side effects of medication and to utilize treatment that integrates the mind, body and spirit. Pre-made blends are created for basic ailments like stress and immune support. Personalized blends are created for more specific purposes such as inflammation, wound healing, indigestion or hair loss. 

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